AlbumWizz: New Features - April 2005

    Click here for the general list of features.

  • Support of Multimedia (Audio/Video Clips) and Adobe® Acrobat® PDF Files:
    Now you can upload not only still images, but also most types of multimedia files and PDF files. On your picture page, multimedia files are displayed immediately in an embedded media player. To display a PDF file, Adobe® Reader® must be installed.

    Now, throughout FamiliaOnline, when we use the term "picture", we mean all above file types: stills, multimedia and PDF.

  • Java™ Upload of Picture Files
    Too busy for uploading pictures one-by-one? Now you can upload multiple pictures at once. Select files to upload, see a preview and watch the upload progress. Requires Java Virtual Machine, which you can get free from

  • Zip Upload of Picture Files:
    Another way to upload multiple pictures. Put all your new pictures into a Zip file and upload them all at once. AlbumWizz will unzip the file and create a page for each picture.

  • Improved Administrator Home Page:
    We have added more links on the administrator's home page, so that more features can be reached in one click.

  • "Unharvestable" Email Addresses:
    Normally, your AlbumWizz home page contains your contact email. Spammers have programs that scan all Internet pages and collect ("harvest") email addresses. Now we display your email in such a way that the harvesting becomes difficult if not impossible.

  • Restricted Sites:
    You can restrict the access to your site by selecting a username and a password and giving them to your relatives and friends. (Note that this username/password pair is different from the username and the password you use for administering your site.)

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