AlbumWizz: Features

    Click here for the list of new features as of April 2005.

  • For each picture, you can provide a title, a description, picture date and place and the name of the person who shot it.
  • Our rectangle tool lets you show each person's location in a picture.
  • Upload of multiple pictures at once.
  • Support of multimedia (video/audio clips) and Acrobat® PDF files.
  • Customizable home page.
  • Folders to organize your pictures.
  • Explore your album as a list or a thumbnail gallery, ordered by any key (e.g., by date, by the potographer, etc.)
  • You can maintain the list of persons frequently appearing in your pictures, add a comment for each person and for each person display the list of her/his pictures.
  • Clean and elegant design; choice of colors.
  • Privacy - You can password-protect your site.
  • Guest book, where your guests can leave their comments.

  • No banners, pop-up windows or other ads on your site.
  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Zero setup time.
  • 100 MB disk space.

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